young adult

Before I saw this film I was getting ready to hate it. Then something weird happened: Young Adult turned out to be one gem of a film.

This is directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. Diablo Cody, you say! Do I love Juno? I enjoyed it, but it gave me too much slang. Jennifer’s Body is a parody of teenage horror films, and it worked perfectly. 

Young Adult is about failure and sadness, and it is spot-on.

Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) writes young adult novels. She looks perpetually disheveled and miserable, gulping Coke like a thirsty sailor first thing in the morning. One day, while trying to work on the last book in the series, she receives an email from an old flame. He is now married, with child. Mavis, in her depression, gets this brilliant idea: What if I steal my ex-boyfriend from his wife?

Unlike in Cody’s previous films, characters here do not talk constantly (most of the time we are forced to simply observe Mavis – as she puts on make-up, as she stares at herself, as she turns her back to us to gorge on KFC), and when they do, they are more blunt than witty.

I love this film. That is all I am going to say. Watch it.

6 thoughts on “young adult”

  1. I’ve always wondered where you get the idea on what movies to watch; you seem to be ahead of movie theaters kasi here in Pinas :) Or are these all indie films?

    You write insightful and engaging movie reviews; you could easily pass as a critic :)

    1. Aw thanks. :) Not really ahead, Young Adult was shown way back, di lang napansin masyado. :) Dati pinapanood ko talaga lahat ng bagong films kaso ang gastos! I usually read about new films online. Obscure ones I read in foreign (US/UK) publications, or friends recommend them to me.

  2. I watched this on your say-so. Sidenote first: I kept getting distracted with Theron’s upper lip, may iba e. I like the disheveled/polished look contrast–like even if she was all dolled up, kitang kita mo yung gulo sa buhay nya, ang galing lang talaga ng acting. Sobra syang annoying pero andon yung, but I totally get her! I watched out for that KFC scene din. Thanks for writing about this, Eliza.:)

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