the happy list

I suck at blog entry titles.

Anyway, I’m happy because 1. “Fairy Tales” is getting a handful of positive comments on Daily Science Fiction’s Facebook page, and I’m receiving them online and in my email. Thank you to everyone who read it! Ken Liu (who wrote one of my favorite stories, “The Man Who Ended History“) said “it is a great story!” and “like all tales with political overtones, different readers will read it differently. I found it a delicate and moving metaphor.”

2. I just got waxed. This is slowly sliding into TMI territory but before you look away in disgust I just want to plug Lay Bare.

Services are cheap in price but the place is very clean and the waxers are very professional. Lay Bare also offers packages. For example, Package 2 involves a Brazilian, half-leg wax, eyebrow threading, and underarm wax, all for less than 900 pesos.

Some important notes to remember:

– Taking a painkiller before a waxing procedure helps with the pain. (But actually the pain is very bearable.)

– You can’t wet the area for 4 hours after waxing.

– You can’t have contact (sexual or otherwise) for 8 to 10 hours after waxing. Similarly, you should avoid activities that will make you sweat heavily (like exercising) after waxing because your pores will be wide open and prone to infection.

– Exfoliate!

3. This photo, which makes me smile every time I see it.

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