gpoy/new hair

Boom. Here’s my face, taken this morning before heading to work. I had Permanent Blow-dry (also known as  Brazilian Blowout, or Keratin Treatment) done on my hair on Tuesday night in this little-known salon, B&W Beauty Salon, inside Kingswood Condominium in Makati. They currently have a 50-percent-off promo, so instead of a staggering 6000 pesos (my hair is long and thick; treatment for shorter hair is cheaper), I paid 3K or around 72 US dollars. Still staggering, but think of it as an investment. Permanent Blow-dry is not a straightening treatment, it just makes your hair more manageable. Recommended for frizzy or damaged hair and during humid months.

Hair still looks nice and shiny two days after the treatment, but I’m not sure if this will be the case after I give my head a proper wash on Saturday. We’ll see.

What have you done to your hair lately?

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