organic shampoo?

I was told by the stylist not to wash my hair for three days following treatment. I managed to stop myself from pouring water on my head for 48 hours. No more. I couldn’t take it. It’s disgusting.

But I did decide to try out gentler hair products. Found these at Healthy Options.

Healthy stuff make your wallets sick – these cost around PhP 150 per 62 ml. bottle, much much more expensive than the regular 200 ml. shampoos like Palmolive that cost less than PhP 100.

They smell good, though. And my hair’s still straight and manageable, so hooray, not a waste of 3K.

I’ll look for Human Nature products next time. Those are way cheaper. Any recos? :)

4 thoughts on “organic shampoo?”

  1. Yes, definitely HHN Eliza. Di bale nang malaking chunk ng luggage ko kinain sa pagdala ng 2 bottles ng shampoo at conditioner nila coming here, worth it naman. Naiiyak lang ako na paubos na siya at ang mahal pag sa US store ako bumili because of the shipping fees. Mid-range, I’m now trying out EverPure by L’oreal, kasi supposedly sulfate-free siya. So far, so good. I think meron something similar ang Aveeno, mas mabango. I read somewhere na ok din daw Organix, meron nito sa Landmark, pero di ako fan ng shea butter scent pag sa buhok. Sa high-end naman, Pureology, pero yun palang, ang mahal na, but my friend who had a Permanent Blow-dry swears by it. :)

  2. I second Human nature. I’m a fan of their moisturizing shampoo and conditioner — once a week na lang ako naglalagay ng serum sa buhok. :)

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