wreck-it ralph

I wasn’t planning to watch this. The marketing materials for this film were all over the place but my only thought – and I know this is incredibly unfair – was, This is not a Pixar film. 

It’s not a Pixar film! In fact, Wreck-It Ralph is a Disney film. I love Pixar, okay. They tell the most honest, most inventive stories, and the only stories that come close to Pixar’s tearjerker offerings are old-school Disney films: The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan. The last animated Disney film that I truly enjoyed was 2010’s Tangled. And before that? Nothing comes to mind. I thought Disney’s animated franchise was on its way down, and isn’t that a shame. I still have fond memories of Beauty and the Beast.

Then: Paperman.

The main film had not started yet and I was already in tears in the cinema. Paperman is a black-and-white animated short film that blends traditional animation with computer animation. The result was magical, breathtaking. Disney should make a full-length film utilizing this technique. Read more about it.

It was a good piece to set the bar for expectations, and Wreck-It Ralph, thankfully, did not disappoint. I love going into the cinema armed only with the film title and friends’ assurances. It makes the cinematic experience purer.

And how this film surprised me.

Watch this film, I tell you.

Welcome back, Disney! Christ, what took you so long?

2 thoughts on “wreck-it ralph”

  1. I keep on forgetting that Tangled is a Disney film.

    Paperman <3 I loved everything about it. And Wreck-It-Ralph actually made me tear up several times, too. I went to the cinema looking forward to seeing old school video game characters come to life, and went out with a warm, fuzzy feeling all over. :)

    1. Very true! Hindi na kami nagpapansinan ni Jaykie habang nanonood kasi umiiyak na kami HAHAHA. Disney might win the Animated Film Oscar this year over Pixar. HISTORY!

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