the wedding-monthsary: almi + kim

Almi and Kim got married on Nov. 14 in Talisay, Batangas. There were debacles along the way (loud construction outside the church, tardy priest, strange homily, sudden heavy rain during the reception) but it was perfect. Love is a beautiful thing. Just ask the newlyweds, who remained in good spirits even as rainwater drenched one of the tables. For better or for worse, indeed.


View in Club Balai Isabel from the bride’s quarters.

The rooms are nice! I’d like to return here. Not necessarily to get married haha.

This is everyone! Photo from Kate.

Photo from Andrea.

PS The very creative Almi made most of the – collaterals? I don’t know what word to use – for her wedding day. Witness this madness the creativity here, starting with Day 100.

9 thoughts on “the wedding-monthsary: almi + kim”

  1. Nice! I’ve been one of the avid fans of the Almi+Kim wedding preps and I love everything to bits. To think that I’ve never met the couple in person (just found her blog through a common friend, Ching, my highschool friend of chingail.blogspot & foreveryday photog)… Tapos ikaw naman, I found you thorough Almi’s blog/Twitter.

    Amazing… So amazing what great things the Internet can do to your lives… And how it brings us new friends… :)

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