snoe in december

Back! And my Christmas weekend can be summed up in one photograph:

J with a bag of bags of chips.

I got some gifts for myself. Thanks to Carina of Softly Sometimes, I discovered another local source of organic products and cosmetics, Snoe Beauty. A worthy addition to all of my Human Nature products.

I got Poudre Phenomenon, Rouge Deluxe in Vintage Rose, and Beso Balm. Don’t you just love the packaging?



Poudre Phenomenon is a “completely translucent powder that sets foundation and mattifies skin. It will soften the appearance of skin imperfections and fits all skin tones. Oil -absorbing nutrient rich Bamboo Silk & high-grade ultra fine silica powder covers the pores without clogging. Witch hazel extract control excess sebum and protects against irritation. Sage extract to help shrink pores. Purefix- DC inhibits acne bacteria. It will stop inflammation and also acts as an anti-oxidant.”

I applied Poudre Phenomenon on my bare face and it lay translucent on my skin. I’m amazed it didn’t come off as espasol white, no matter how much powder I put on. I’m excited about the promise of oil control because I’m a commuter, but I haven’t tested it yet. Let’s see what happens during the summer.

Beso Balm is mentholated like HHN’s Tinted Lip Balm, but moisturizes much much better. Vintage Rose is a pink shade with a hint of mauve, for that fresh look. It’s a shade you can wear every day. See the other colors here.


Order Snoe Beauty products online.

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