new things

I received some pahabol Christmas gifts from Visprint last week. Surprised and touched. I love this notebook.



Ah, the apartment. It’s an endless work-in-progress. I should stay away from groceries. Got these cute laundry baskets from Rustan’s Shopwise.


The curtains are from his ma. It fit the earth-toned motif we accidentally got going on.


And new hair! Of course. My hair was so thick and heavy I decided to have most of them chopped off. Became a mascot for the salon’s Permanent Blowdry service. (“Look at her hair! Ang ganda di ba?”) It was entertaining and weird.


I gave J a link to some easy marinades, and he found one that made the chicken taste…expensive. Haha!


“Are you taking a photo?”

The recipe is here. Have fun!

Around midnight we had a McDonald’s craving, but the Globe signal was so bad in our place that the operator couldn’t hear our orders.

So, good job, Globe. You just saved our arteries.


PS Watch Archer! It’s been described as Arrested Development meets James Bond. Some familiar AD voices there. (And Jessica Walter voices a character that looks like Lucille Bluth – just look at the photo.) It’s irreverent, and hilarious as hell.


2 thoughts on “new things”

  1. Took me a good two months to be ‘satisfied’ with what I see in our own unit. Feeling ko forever siyang work-in-progress haha. Saang street kayo?

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