girls (hbo)


Girls and Girls creator Lena Dunham (who only has one indie film to her name prior to the show) have haters. Serious haters, and I’ve read the criticisms and the hate before I plunged into the first episode. I was predisposed to hate it, but I watched it one boring Sunday after doing all the housework and it turned out to be a fun, worthwhile entertainment. It’s amusing, entertaining, absorbing, and cringe-worthy – like the gossip you hear from the other females in the washroom while peeing or fixing your hair. You’ve done it, you know what I mean. You listen to the story, silently judge the people involved (“Nabasa mo na ba yung Fifty Shades? Ang daming sex pero nakakakilig siyaaaa”), but you can’t help it – you keep on listening.

The show’s not for everyone, something that will be clear to you in the very first episode. (J. watched the Pilot and hated it.) I’d be reluctant to recommend this to my own sister. I have to admit that the issue of over-privilege does get under my skin. What semi-saves it for me is the fact that the other characters are at least aware of Hannah’s self-centeredness. (“You’re 11 pounds overweight, and you think that’s struggle?…You don’t know what real struggle is!”) If you want something more Sex And The City-like, something glamorous and pretty to look at, look away.

PS This is a good essay about the show.

4 thoughts on “girls (hbo)”

  1. I was prepared to hate Girls too kase I was judging it to be about over-privileged brats and the trailer was blah and the pilot was annoying for me, but para syang car crash and I can’t look away, and that episode with Dancing On My Own made me a believer haha. I love Marnie and her OCness and Shoshana and Jessa and the only character I don’t like is Hannah. My fave episode is that one with the party. Shoshana is awesome.

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