weekend reviews

Flight flight-movie-denzel-washington

Flight has probably the most frightening plane emergency scene I’ve ever seen onscreen, but this is just a small portion of the film. It’s a film of “almosts”: Capt. Whip Whitaker (played by the magnificent Denzel Washington) was just about to land when disaster hit, he was just about to give up drinking and drugs and turn his life around when the investigation started, he was just about to – But we are entering spoiler territory. This film is more than two hours long, but you stay till the end because of the “almosts”. And it’s a great character study. You can’t predict this drunk, coked-up flight genius, but he has your sympathies. You want to see if Whip will do things right, this time.

Game Change


This is a surprisingly good dramatization of the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign. Everyone, especially Sarah Palin (played by Julianne Moore, who deserves all the awards), comes across not as caricatures, but as people. People who get thrown into the circus of politics in the time of YouTube and SNL, and who slowly break under the pressure of a presidential race that they can never win. Good pacing, good dialogue – the two-hour run didn’t feel at all like two hours.



I am in desperate need of a good horror film. I don’t know why I even bothered to watch this. The musical score, instead of heightening the experience, just got in the way. The frights are corny. The film features families dying of horrible deaths, but I can’t shake off the feeling that I am just watching a movie, that they all got the noose off their necks after the take and they went out for hotdogs with the crew afterwards.  How will that scare you, or make you think? A good horror film removes you from your context. This 90-minute film felt like a three-hour film, I was so bored.

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