some love for ‘a bottle of storm clouds’

Hello Monday blues/laziness. I got some booklovin’ to drive you away.

Here’s from a reader currently residing outside of the Philippines, but managed to have her Dad pick up a copy of A Bottle of Storm Clouds :

I asked my dad to buy me a copy of A Bottle of Storm Clouds while he was in Manila. I am reading it incrementally, because I don’t want it to end, haha. Reading it, I feel fascinated and homesick. I’m rediscovering old favorites– The Just World of Helena Jimenez, Intersections– as well as finding some new ones which I might have missed when I was going through your website in the past (Sugar Pi is really sweet and subtle, and Reunion is a new favorite of mine– I am a sucker for a good reincarnation plot.) I really enjoy how you include math and science and fantasy in your writing.

Here’s from Sean Wright, Australian writer and book reviewer, and webmaster of Adventures of a Bookonaut:


On Goodreads, he says: “Nice unencumbered writing style.” And “Very solid collection, if you like modern dark fantasy takes on folktales, if you are a fan of Lanagan or Kaaron Warre,  pick it up.” Thanks Charles Tan for sending Sean a copy. :)

And thank you past, present, and future readers. You make my day!

The book is available in all major Philippine bookstores. Coming soon in ebook format. ;)

PLUS: Visprint’s price list for the 2013 Summer Komikon. Not sure yet if I’ll be able to attend, but do go and visit the tables!

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