‘a bottle of storm clouds’ – now available online

Something has been brewing in the Flipside Publishing headquarters (publisher of my previous ebooks, Lower Myths and The Viewless Dark), and here’s a preview:

storm clouds

The ebook version of A Bottle of Storm Clouds (available in paperback via Visprint) is going live soon! This version will also have interior illustrations. Cover and interior art is by Trizha Ko.

Will post updates as they come!

UPDATE: It is now available on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app for $5.99 (around PhP 260). Please share the link and/or buy a copy. :)

It is now also available on Flipreads as a DRM-free EPUB for only PhP 193, on Kobo for $3.99, on iTunes for $3.99, and Weightless Books for $3.99.

Questions of morality in exploring alternate realities; goddesses of old, living in modern-day Philippine society; the flesh trade in a dystopic future; four childhood friends, taunting fate by crossing the line between life and death, and coming back again; a world where Justice is immediate, absolute, and therefore deemed perfect—these are but some of the ideas to have sprung from the mind of up-and-coming writer Eliza Victoria. In A Bottle of Storm Clouds, Victoria’s first compilation of short fiction, her subjects are a mottled bunch; her characters, of all walks of life; her approaches, from all directions. But her stories all boil down to one question: “What if?”

Buy a copy or send a sample to your device.

Read readers’ reviews.

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