rustic charm, or learning how to cook at home to save money and maybe eat a little bit healthier

Here’s the thing: we’ve been eating out nearly every night for dinner last week, either due to laziness, or the need to make the end of the work day seem a little bit more special. (We eat poached chicken for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast – it gets old.) This is not healthy, and eating out regularly is expensive, so on Saturday we did a proper grocery run with ground meat and seasoning and all and promised to only eat what we could make in our kitchen. That same night J had an intense craving for pizza, but I said a firm no. We really need to save some money and keep our poor, abandoned kitchen company.

What we cooked over the weekend: beef giniling (ground beef simmered in beef stock and tomato sauce), nilaga, microwave cake, and a Juicy Lucy (burger with the cheese inside).

They’re not all successful (my microwave cake was a bit dry and the burger was too thick), but we’re learning. (Note: J cooked most of these dishes! I’m the dishwasher.)

Chocolate cake batter with Goya White Chocolate with Red Peppermint Crunch
Yummy, but dry in parts.
J’s Juicy Lucy. Yum!

Know some easy recipes? (More microwave desserts?) Do share. :)

7 thoughts on “rustic charm, or learning how to cook at home to save money and maybe eat a little bit healthier”

  1. Ako naman lunch. Even if I get home late, I still like putting together a good, quick meal for dinner, but my problem is I wake up late and get lazy to make myself a proper breakfast or lunch and I end up buying something almost everyday. Gastos! I’ve started waking up earlier last few months to pack something and it’s been a big help.

    Oh, if you’re looking for inspirations for quick and healthy dinners:*/quick:true/healthy:true/sort:relevance/page:1

    Plenty more good stuff on the internet, of course, but these are some of my favorite places to start. Happy cooking!

  2. Sardines pasta! A jar of spanish sardines lang plus lemon plus herbs like basil and fresh mint. I chopped some garlic and onions and fried them while I marinated the herbs in the lemon juice plus lemon rind. Then I fried the spanish sardines and then added the herby lemon thing. Over pasta. With cheese! Nom! :)

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