horror: filipino fiction for young adults

Photo: Proofing "Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults" with Kenneth Yu.  If the stars align, there will be future editions that will focus on scifi, fantasy and so on.

Dean Francis Alfar and Kenneth Yu, editors of the upcoming YA anthology, Horror, has released the table of contents.

The volume is coming soon from the University of the Philippines Press. It includes my short story, “Dan’s Dreams”. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults
Table of Contents

Honesty Hour by Gabriela Lee
Eat Me by Kally Hiromi R. Arsua
Mommy Agnes by Vince Torres
The Running Girl by Elyss G. Punsalan
Education by Ate Flora by Renelaine Bontol-Pfister
The New Teacher by Alexander Osias
Gago’s Got Your Back by Andrew Drilon
Dan’s Dreams by Eliza Victoria
Itching to Get Home by Joseph Anthony Montecillo
Lola’s House by Fidelis Tan
A Yellow Brick Road Valentine by Charles Tan
Lucia, the Nightmare Hunter by Kate Osias
Frozen Delight by EK Gonzales
Misty by Isabel Yap

Edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Kenneth Yu
Coming soon from TeamUp Press

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