shiny, writerly things: visprint sale and promo, new estranghero press paperback

Currently nursing a swollen tonsil, which is decidedly not shiny.

In other news: books!

Every Saturday of October, Visprint (which is celebrating its anniversary – happy anniversary!) will be holding a warehouse sale in their office in Pasay City. Here’s the price list.

A Bottle of Storm Clouds (PhP132) and Project 17 (PhP 120) are both on sale. Both can also be found in bookstores. (Just Fully Booked for Project 17, but other bookstores will be carrying it soon.)

If you can’t make it to Pasay, Visprint can deliver the books to you for free. Prices will be based on SRP. No discount, but hey free shipping, and you don’t have to leave your home.

Like their Facebook page to get more updates.

UP Press is coming out with the third Estranghero Press book, Demons of the New Year. “Salot” first appeared in this anthology.

Look at this gorgeousness.

That’s it for now. I need to gargle with Bactidol.

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