Filipino ReaderCon Advisory and Haiyan/Yolanda

Filipino ReaderCon


Hello everyone!

After keeping track of weather news and current conditions here in the Metro and in nearby areas, we’ve decided to postpone the Filipino ReaderCon 2013 to December 7. Venue will still be at the Rizal Library. Although we would’ve loved to keep things on track, we believe it’s in everyone’s best interests that we stay at home on Saturday, Nov. 9, and batten down our hatches, literally and figuratively.

On the bright side, December 7 will give us more time to prepare the things we have to prepare or polish the things we already have.

We hope to see you all on December 7, but in the meantime, we will be keeping all our marketing activities, online and off, active to build towards the new date. And we will stay in touch with each group regarding the new arrangements.

We apologize for this unfortunate turn of events, but…

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