komiks news

Watch out for: a comic book written by Eliza Victoria (that’s me!) and illustrated by Mervin Malonzo of Tabi Po fame.

“Nabasa ko na lahat. Ganda! Habang binabasa ko, navivisualize ko na rin talaga sya. At naiimagine ko na kung ano ang maiooffer ko dito in terms of imagery…Gusto ko na violent din sya. Bagay na bagay sya sa kin. I think this will be a good book and I’m glad that you approached me on this.”

Well, I’m glad Mervin agreed to lend his time and talent to this project.  Salamat, Mervin!

More details next time. Needless to say — I am very very excited.

Check out Tabi po (online komiks) in the meantime! http://www.tabi-po.com/

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