studio salimbal forum on april 6 @ fully booked high street


Hello! We are Studio Salimbal – you may know us individually, but as a group, we’re brand new and raring to go. We’re working on a lot of comics, but for our first project, we’d like to talk – talk about Philippine Comics, to be precise, so you’re all invited to get together with us at 2:30pm, on April 6 (Sunday), at the Forum at Fully Booked Hightstreet. We’ll have a series of open panels where Salimbal members, as well as any creators who would like to come, can talk shop, and compare projects and goals for the future. Oh, and there will be free sketches too!


I will be here as a comics creator (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawhat how new and exciting) on the writers panel. I will be introducing the project Mervin and I are working on and will share 1) the title (ha!) 2) the blurb/what it’s about 3) maybe sketches?

April 6! Paolo Chikiamco (Rocket Kapre/Mythspace) will be introducing Studio Salimbal to the world. You can like their page for updates and more info. See you guys.

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