‘demons of the new year’ reviewed in philippines graphic

Joel Pablo Salud says of “Salot”:

Eliza Victoria’s Salot takes whatever is left in the ongoing fondness for tales on superstition and carries it to the next level. Unlike stories that make one think it can only happen to someone else, she brings the horror of delusions and poltergeists not at someone’s doorsteps, but right into the very rooms and windows of the house.

Penned in silver-tongue prose, Eliza Victoria dabbles with provincial folktales thick with ghosts and voices from out of nowhere, and tells it from the eyes of a doubting Isabella. The doubts expressed were seemingly essential to the storytelling as it kept the reader from making any hard conclusions, such as those detrimental to the sustained reading of the tale. To capture one’s attention and keep it on the road, by far, is Eliza Victoria’s strongest suit. Suffice it to say that in Salot, Victoria’s storytelling has reached its zenith.

Read the full review here.

Please grab a copy of Demons of the New Year, edited by Karl De Mesa and Joseph Nacino, and published by UP Press.

“Salot” also appears in my short story collection, A Bottle of Storm Clouds, published by Visprint Inc. 

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