voting starts for the 2014 filipino readers’ choice awards

I am nominated in the Novel in English Category (for Project 17, published by Visprint) and in the Fiction Anthology Category (for Unseen Moon, my self-published title). Do consider voting, if you are so inclined.

Thank you, and congratulations to the nominees!

From the FRCA:

Hi everyone! I know most of you are waiting for this update, and we apologize for putting it up a day late! We had some technical difficulties for one, and we also received a whopping 855 nominations! 2013 had us with 273, and this is quadruple the amount! Crazy, amazing turnout – I think this means we really need to have more hands to help us out!

But thank you for your enthusiasm. As promised (but again, a day late), our final list of nominees is up!

Now we come to the next phase! Voting for the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 is now open! Click here to go to the ballot (opens in a new window).  The voting period will determine the short list for the semi-finals that will be sent for panel judging. Top 3 winners for each category will be included in the shortlist for the semi-finals, which will be sent to the judges for the panel judging.

Voting period is up to September 10, 2014. Some reminders:

  • One vote per category, one ballot per email address. Multiple votes using one email address will not be counted.
  • You need to click one button per category for your vote to be submitted. If you have no vote for a specific category, you may select the “Skip” button.
  • The ballot has 8 pages, so make sure you go through all of them. Your vote is not submitted until you click the Submit button and get the confirmation.

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