Consider This An Invitation

The Typewriter Dailies

Tomorrow (Saturday) we’re going to be hosting our first serious MoarBooks event. That is not to say that everything we’ve done up until now wasn’t serious but that it was mostly directed inwardly: publishing our own material, pointing interest toward ourselves; experimentation. I have always been my own guinea pig, following the train of thought that if I fail, at least I fail alone.

Once the experiment succeeds—what do you do next?

Tomorrow’s event is a step outside our comfort zone: it’s something that will point outward—toward (you) our audience, toward people whose stories we are fond of. We’re taking a leap into the unknown (an educated guess) and really trying to provide avenues for people who are interested in hearing and telling stories. Chasing Tales is a speaker series which primarily focuses on story-telling and narrative across various forms and genres. Tomorrow night will be specifically about Fantasy in…

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