scenes from visprint writers in talks (wit) 2015

wit 2015Thank you to my publisher Visprint, the UST Literary Society, and to everyone who attended the Writers in Talks (WIT) 2015 event on March 21. I had so much fun, and I do hope the aspiring young writers in attendance learned a thing or two. There are photos floating around in the ether, but here are some of mine:

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015This is at the beginning of Writer’s Lifestyle panel, which I thought was pretty fun. The host asks a question (“How often do you release new work?”) and the writers line up behind the choices (“A: Prolific, every month; B: Happy Birthday, once a year; C: Century egg” — you can guess what this option means.)

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015Big crowd.

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015This is from the Lost Covers exhibit — an exhibit of rejected covers. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the alternate Dwellers cover. (It was white instead of black.)

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015Manix Abrera’s line of fans.

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015


The Komiks panel was facilitated by Paolo Fabregas.

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015Mervin Malonzo showed old sketches from his childhood. Very interesting to see how his style evolved.

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015Tepai Pascual talking about her manga influences.

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015I facilitated the Publishing 101 panel with Paolo Chikiamco, Bebang Siy, Nida Ramirez, and Bart Coronel. We discussed: “red flags” in publication contracts, publication horror stories, services writers can expect from a traditional publisher, comparisons of digital/self/traditional publishing, and ways we can improve the local publishing industry. It ended on a great note, with Paolo talking about how important it is for writers to empower themselves. “Every time you look out for yourself as a writer, you look out for other writers. Every time you sell yourself short, you make it easier for publishers to sell other writers short. You will see that there are movements to create a situation wherein those who create benefit the least from their creations. You should not let this happen.”

Ferdinand Jarin serenading attendees.

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015Manix Abrera gave away some cool prizes (I wanted the Alan Moore comics SO BAD — next time I’m going to stop by the registration table!) including a lifetime supply of Kikomachine Komiks. He was serious.

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015Great cover, Manix!

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015

Visprint WIT (Writers in Talks) 2015

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