wounded little gods, a novel — coming soon

UPDATE 3/4/2016: Visprint is now accepting orders, for FREE delivery nationwide. Email bookorders@visprint.net now.

Wounded Little Gods–230 pages paperback, ₱280–will hit bookstores before the end of March.


This was the book that was slated to come out December 2015 and which will finally see the light of day this quarter. I finished writing this short novel in August 2014 but I feel like I will keep revising up until I see the final page layouts and/or Visprint wrenches it out of my hands. (I’m probably only mildly joking.) Don’t you just love the cover art? Cover art and design is by the brilliant Jap Mikel, who also designed the cover art for Project 17. It reminds me of the art and color palette of old komiks. I think it’s fantastic. He will also be working on the interior art, which I’ve yet to see–and I can’t wait.

I will update you all once the book hits the local bookshelves. For now, feel free to share this blog post.

Happy New Year!

Wounded Little Gods

A Novel by Eliza Victoria

Fantasy, Mystery

Published by Visprint

Regina was born and raised in the small town of Heridos, where gods and spirits walked the earth.

Until they didn’t.

Ten years ago, the whole town produced a bad harvest—rice grains as black as soot—and the people of the town moved on, away from the soil and the farms, believing the gods and spirits have abandoned them.

It is ten years later, on a Friday before a long weekend, and Regina ends her shift at an office in Makati. She walks home with a new colleague named Diana. Diana, following a strange and disturbing conversation with Regina, does not appear at the office on Monday, and the day after that.

And the day after that.

On Thursday, Regina opens her bag and finds a folded piece of paper filled with Diana’s handwriting.

On the page are two names and a strange map that will send Regina home.

Cover Art and Design by Jap Mikel


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