Picture’s not mine, it’s Mark U‘s (who’s currently recuperating from a dead toenail). I was holed up in the apartment the whole day Friday, totally missed it. Darn.

say cheese! wait, wait, cheese = moon. *thinks* WOW.

Ang hirap na lang gawan ng tula ang ganitong pangyayari sa kalawakan ano. Parang nangga-gago lang eh, haha.

Well, anyway, other parts of the globe saw a “frown” instead of a “smile”.

The National Geographic News offered this interesting trivia:

In fact, some historians think that a similar conjunction between Jupiter and Venus in 2 B.C. may be the source of the “star of Bethlehem” story related in the Bible.

The stellar pair would have appeared so close together, scholars think, that they might have seemed to meld into one brilliant beacon of light.

Still magical even without the religious overtones. :)

2 thoughts on “smile”

  1. hahahahhaha. peste buti nga na-view mo pa. ngarrr. magkakaron naman daw ng meteor shower this month yata. yata. o baka namali lang ako ng basa ng article haha.

    Universe ha, ang dami ko na na-miss. i hate.

    haha :D

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