this morning i –

woke up way too early in a room that they tell me was meant for two people (just quoting the landlady here, don’t get any ideas), and continued reading Yates’ Revolutionary Road (I saw the film first and is now stuck with one of those movie tie-in copies, movie poster as book cover). The thing about moving to a place closer to where you work is the fact that all of a sudden you have so much time. It’s amazing. So far I’ve spent the extra time staring at a blank wall. Well, last night I got so bored I ironed all of my handkerchiefs. I’m productive.

So this morning I opened the door and realized that the living room was silent. I moved in Friday and there was a guy there watching TV. Yesterday (Monday), he was also there, watching Oprah or whatever. I was preparing my baon on a glass-top table nearby, and the silence was so heavy that I asked, “Wala kang pasok?” He just shook his head. I think I also asked the same question to this other guy on Friday, who was cooking dinner and looked so pissed I didn’t even insist on getting his name. What the hell’s wrong with these men? Biktima ba sila ng di makatarungang retrenchment sa mga kumpanya nila? Or are they suffering from vagina envy at kating-kati nang itapon ako sa kahabaan ng Chino Roces?

Guys in the unit, yes. The thing is I was supposed to get this tiny room (big enough for brooms and mops – everything’s a matter of perspective) in a unit filled with girls in the other tower, but the occupant asked for an extension, and the landlady, who may or may not have left her cerebrum somewhere, allowed her to stay. I’m still mad about it. I actually put up a fight. One war was waged via text messages; it lasted till 2 AM last week. Ohyeah. But anyway, I realized that I was losing load and was close to really losing my patience – thank goodness I don’t earn enough to hire an attorney on retainer, or some big guy who can break arms – come to think of it, thank goodness I can’t break arms – so I just said FINE. They gave me this bigger room in another unit. I’ll be staying here until the other girl moves out, bless her selfish heart. (She was told I was moving in on this date, and still – ah, whatever.)

The living room was silent, which in my two-day-so-far stay there was a first, so I sat on the couch, saw that there’s a DVD player, and watched my Season 2 copy of The Office. I’m obsessed with the damn series at the moment. I wasn’t sure if the DVD player came with the unit or if it was owned by one of the tenants. But it was plugged in, so.

I wasn’t even supposed to move from my room in QC. I love my room there (two closets, bookshelves, a big mirror, bookshelves!), but early this month my QC landlady called and said that she needed the unit for herself and please get the hell out in time for the Pest Control guys’ arrival. Fuck you. No, I didn’t say that, she was nice, but it still made me angry. Talk about short notice. So I saw this other room in Makati, paid my down payment. The day after I made the transaction, QC landlady called, said April Fools! even though it was March. Apparently she’d just be dorming, or something. Of course since I’d already paid and told my father that I’d be moving I just told her to suck it. (No, I didn’t say that, she was nice.)

Then on to Makati, who welcomed me with open arms and the mess of occupancy extension and the temporary room.

Hay. I’m looking forward to the day when I can finally unpack all my stuff. I’m loving the room at the moment, though. There’s a big window out of which I can throw an annoying person (probably the landlady with the missing cerebrum, if she pisses me off again), and at night, the lights of the city look lovely.

Last night, one of the guy tenants spoke to me while I was in the kitchen getting water. I exist, apparently. Woohoo. This morning, another tenant asked about the couple staying in my room. They’ve moved out, I said.

“Hindi ko alam kung mag-asawa o mag-dyowa e,” he said.

“Ang sabi sa akin mag-asawa.”

“Sabay nga minsan maligo.” Nervous laughter. “Minsan nga…pero sabi ko, Hayaan niyo na.”

Prudes. Chos.

I finished three episodes and walked back to my room. I sat on the bed and noticed for the first time how bouncy the mattress was.

But of course. *wink*

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