nightmares and dreamscapes, 1


So I finally began watching it. I’ve been avoiding the series because, well, I read Stephen King story collections in bed on gray, lazy afternoons – his pieces are perfect for that kind of weather; translated onscreen, though, I’m not so sure they’ll work for me.

I’ve finished viewing:



Not a silent episode (character still says Ouch) but there is no VO, no spoken dialogue. Interesting.

I’ve read the short story before. Toy Story gone bonkers. It’s okay. William Hurt’s in it.

Crouch End


Well-acted but blah. I’m into ghost town stories, but not of the Lovecraft kind. Wouldn’t it have been better if they just didn’t show the monsters? Maybe the story’s better on print (I haven’t read this one).

I skipped Umney’s Last Case by mistake, so:

The End of the Whole Mess


I adore this one. I hate using the word, but yes it’s touching, and also horrifying and very heartbreaking (how’s that for a string of useful adjectives?).

(Random trivia: the guy in the picture without the glasses – Ron Livingston – will play Gomez in the film adaptation of The Time-Traveler’s Wife.)

I’ll watch the rest when I have time.

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