nightmares and dreamscapes, 2

Part 1.

The Road Virus Heads North


I’ve had enough of horror stories with evil objects, so I didn’t expect to like this adaptation that much. Anywho, the plot is simple enough to enjoy.

However, from what I recall of the short story, isn’t it supposed to be scary instead of, um,  pensive?

Evil guy says, “I’m not your damn disease. You egomaniac.” That made me laugh.

(Photo from

Fifth Quarter

Almost mistook it for “Luckey Quarter” from Everything’s Eventual. (Speaking of which, aren’t they going to adapt “Everything’s Eventual”? That’s a good sci-fi story. Or “All That You Love Will Be Carried Away”.)


I don’t know when the story was written, but to me, it felt pastiche.

Stephen King loves his male relationship stories doesn’t he. :) I love them also.

(Photo from Liljas Library. Photos from the previous entry also came from Liljas.)

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