transformers 2: revenge of the whatchamacallit

The first film was fun, just the right amount of comedy and action and I think just a couple of shots of robots being torn apart (literally, the one with that Decepticon on top of the building; metaphorically, the one involving Bumblebee). This sequel, however, felt like Michael Bay charged at me at full speed and hit me across the face with a folding chair. And I didn’t even watch this at IMAX.

The quiet parts were either cheesy (Megan and Shia kissing at sunset, the sunlight bursting through their lips), or corny (Shia’s mom eating happy brownies and tackling a college boy). Gah.

If you’re planning to watch it, here’s a sneak preview –


– and by “sneak preview” I mean “the entire film.” Just turn the sand to pavement, add some robots, some explosions, and put Megan Fox on a motorcycle for no other reason than to see her on a motorcycle.

Rainn Wilson’s in it but his character just came across as obnoxious and idiotic, or am I just being a girl? No. John Turturro’s character entered the film (and showed his butt) too late.

Photo from

Roger Ebert gives the film one out of four stars. Quote: “The plot is incomprehensible. The dialog of the Autobots®, Decepticons® and Otherbots® is meaningless word flap. Their accents are Brooklyese, British and hip-hop, as befits a race from the distant stars.”

Here‘s a fun review by Jessica Zafra. Quote: “Basically this movie was directed by a dick.”

* * *

In other news, I found out that walking aimlessly inside a BookSale branch is a fun activity. I didn’t even plan on buying a book but I saw this and I just grabbed it:


Mark Vonnegut is Kurt Vonnegut’s son.

* * *

Favorite things: food, books, good movies, 30 Rock and The Office.

* * *

When my sister and I were handed our bus tickets this morning, we noticed that the punched prices seemed lower. My sister thought there was a rollback, while I thought my sister probably told the conductor the wrong stop. Then the conductor came over and said, Isn’t that your father, the one who dropped you off?

Apparently my father is one friendly discount coupon.

2 thoughts on “transformers 2: revenge of the whatchamacallit”

  1. That’s my favorite activity, wandering aimlessly inside Booksale. 9 out of ten times nauubos pera ko hehe but it’s all worth it (or so I tell myself). Anyway, me nakita akong Php45 na A.M. Homes na libro, sa MCS na BS, This book will save your life, you might want it. Tapos pag binili mo, peram! hahahahahahah

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