rip, michael

I remember watching my first Michael Jackson concert on TV (we couldn’t afford watching it live, and I wouldn’t be allowed inside anyway, small as I was back then) with my parents years and years ago. I remember marveling over the fact that fans actually fainted at the mere sight of him. So strange, the craziness of it, that level of worship. My parents said, in Michael Jackson’s concerts, that kind of reaction was normal.

It must have been terrifying, I thought.

I found out about his death early in the morning on Friday, when CNN was still saying that the reports were unconfirmed but flashed the news anyway: MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD. Before the news was confirmed I just remember finding it so surreal that CNN had a correspondent from TMZ. Look, that CNN anchor’s actually listening to the guy! She’s taking him seriously!

Then a call from the LA coroner, and it was official. Here are two articles about Michael Jackson:

Between Ninoy’s killing, EDSA, was ‘Thriller’

Like Orpheus, Michael Jackson was destroyed by his fans

This is one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs/videos. MJ having goofy fun with his sister – as good a memory as any.

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