Howard: I think I should answer the engineering questions, since I’m an engineer.

Sheldon: If we’re to follow your logic, then I should answer all the anthropology questions since I’m a mammal.

* * *

Sheldon’s sister: Of course I’m proud of you. I always talk to my friends about my brother the rocket scientist.

Sheldon: You tell them I’m a rocket scientist?

Sheldon’s sister: Uh, yes.

Sheldon: I’m a theoretical physicist!

Sheldon’s sister: What’s the difference?



Social awkwardness, 3D chess, and references to Schrodinger’s cat.  Ah,  nerdvana indeed. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes from Big Bang Theory’s first season (from that episode where Sheldon Cooper gets sick, to that episode where Leonard gets a date), but I’ll definitely definitely watch Season 2 soon. Whee, geeky goodness!

P.S. I think I’m in love with Sheldon. He’s such a bitch.

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