got it


I’m tickled that Expanded Horizons gave me a handwritten check. Hee.

I know it sounds like payment for some legally unsavory services (which might be why the people at the bank kept looking at me funny; they were taking so long with the check that I actually started feeling like a criminal), but really, “Night Out” is a story. Which you can read here, if you feel like it.

EH is also currently accepting submissions for its Fairy Tale issue.

They want stories that

reinterpret well-known (or less well-known) fairy tales and fantasy stories, or tropes. A starting point would be stories told from another character’s viewpoint, for example. (Women, fae, or even otherkin…)

Stories which flesh out the women characters in fairy tales is another possible angle. Stories which thoughtfully reinterpret or relocate “European” fairy tales in non-European contexts are also interesting to us (especially since many of these stories have non-European origins, for example, Cinderella). What happens to fairy tales when cultures collide is another idea.

If you have something – a story, an idea – then by all means work on it and send it in!

* * *

So I’ve started watching BBT‘s Season 2. Some random thoughts:

1. I want Sheldon Cooper’s T-shirt folder.

2. I think Leonard looks like a gay beautician.

* * *

Penny: Has Leonard ever dated a girl who’s not, you know, smart?

Sheldon: Well, once he dated a woman who has a Ph. D. in French Literature.

Penny: How does that not count as “smart”?

Sheldon: Well, for starters, she’s French. And it’s literature.

* * *

The rack where I hang my clothes finally collapsed beneath the weight of my various tops and pants, and so I came home and found my clothes on the floor. Being an enterprising homeowner, I Mighty-Bonded the rack to the door.

Evidently I had applied too much Mighty Bond. I now own a blouse glued to its hanger.

True story.

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