on goodbyes

Cory: “On June 30, 1992, the traditional ceremony of political succession will unfold at the Luneta.”

FVR: “I [will] turn over the presidency to the 13th president of the republic at high noon on 30 June 1998.”


Special thanks to Jake

* * *

My friends and I have been Tweeting (I suppose this is the verb form of the noun, Twitter?) like crazy during the speech, and evidently, one of my Tweets (one can’t really say Twitter, right? One of my Twitters? No.) was quoted in this ABS-CBN report.

* * *

Really, Madam, you should have said goodbye.

* * *

Here’s Part 1 of Cory Aquino’s final State of the Nation Address. You can find the other clips on YouTube.

I want a president like that.

“Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat, at paalam.”

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