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The series is nearing it’s end and I’ve only just finished the first season. Late viewer is late, oh my. I’ve always wanted to see it after the first-season hype, but by the time I found the time (daming time) to see it the bad reviews are already trickling in. Apparently, the plane crash survivors got off the island at some point – then they went back? WHAT? But anyway. First season. So Season 1’s final episode was underwhelming (That’s the smoke monster? That’s it?), so I have a lot of questions, so I find the doctor’s life story boring, so I’m wondering what Michelle Rodriguez is doing in this scene, so the cast members execute perfect blocking every time they have to look over there – but my God, it’s riveting. It makes good TV, no doubt. I will forever love those flashback scenes featuring Locke and Sun, and that scene where they figure out that the message has been repeating itself for 16 years, and Jin’s back story left me teary-eyed. I will watch Season 2 of course. I want to know what’s in that hatch they just blew up.


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