weekend update

(I just started using Picnik, this cool online photo editing app that I first heard from Almi. It’s really cool. Expect better-looking photos here from now on, haha!)

Jaykie and I spent Friday mostly in UP. Jaykie played Magic with the HGC boys while I read a bit of Le Guin’s The Dispossessed. There were several Le Guin books in the book bargain bin inside Antas, but I chose this one because I’ve heard so much about it. Also, I just think it’s a shame I haven’t read Le Guin yet.

I wanted to go to Cubao X to visit Adam David’s indie book expo, or to the UP Bookstore to look through the titles offered for the annual sale, but those plans fell through due to time constraints.

I found it lovely that it got cool by four and dark by five p.m. Very Christmas-y. We went to the tiangge to buy gifts for people and jewelry and books for me! I got Alex Garland’s The Tesseract. Still pricey at P280, but it looks new. I also began reading it, and it’s quite amazing. The setting’s Manila, so I’m quite interested to finish it.

I also bought rings and bracelets. I wanted to buy all of the necklaces, but you know, self-control and all that.

We then had dinner at the Persian place and drove around UP to see the lights. No pictures, because my camera phone sucks and won’t do the sights justice anyway.

Saturday, while Jaykie’s in class, I went off to Megamall to meet with my former Pook Palaris housemates. With the exception of June, who is a batchmate, they were all two batches younger than me, but have all graduated and are now earning more than I’m making haha. They wanted to meet Jaykie; I’ll bring him next time, girls. Pizza Hut plus a bracelet from Rowcee plus Mocha Blends plus laughter. Ang sarap tumawa! I love them all.

Before the meet-up, I visited Forever 21 for the first time. THE COSTUME JEWELRY ARE OVERPRICED. There, I said it. In all-caps. The clothes overwhelmed me, so I ended up buying just a pair of shades, which for some reason reminded me of Betty from Mad Men, heh.

Hola, 60’s!

Maybe I’ll go back to F21. Buy a skirt or something.

* * *

Congrats to the Inquirer Read-Along team for a successful event! Twenty-five simultaneous read-alongs, from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi! Huzzah!

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