various updates

  • Jaykie passed Exam P (the first in a series of actuarial exams) after days of studying and worrying. I knew this the moment he stepped out of the Ateneo Professional School – Salcedo building on July 28. I looked across the street and saw him trying to hide a smile. Of course we celebrated with food and drinks.

Congrats Jaykie, you deserve it!

  • We went to Eastwood on Sunday to watch Captain America. My first time in Eastwood! My Eastwood cherry’s been popped! I know nothing about Captain America, except that he has a shield and a possible hatred of the Soviets. And the Japs. And the Nazis. I think he’s boring, corny, one-dimensional, and a tad bit offensive. Oh look, the personification of America’s Messiah Complex. Certainly not the superhero I’d share an elevator with. But the film gives him  a plausible origin story. (Even the origin of the shield is explained.) He hates bullies. I empathize with him. I enjoyed the movie.

  • Stay after the credits for The Avengers trailer. To quote one enthusiastic YouTube commenter: “I nerded on the floor.”
  • Phil mentioned that adamantium (which makes up Wolverine’s claws and the rest of his bones) is the synthetic version of vibranium (which is used to construct Capt. America’s shield). So the interesting question of the night was, “Who would win, Wolverine, or Captain America?”
  • There was a bazaar, and I ended up buying two bags and a ring. (This was Jaykie’s fault! He’s an enabler!) I almost bought a new pair of shoes but I managed to stop myself. (And also managed to stop Jaykie from not stopping me.)
  • I’m in love with this ring, though.

  • Watched Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank with a large group of friends. (There were 13 of us! Lucky and very noisy 13!) Photo from Almi:

  • The film concerns three young, hopeful, awards-hungry filmmakers out to make Walang-Wala, an indie film about a mother living in the slums who is so poor she is forced to sell her child to a pedophile. How can you gauge sincerity in this kind of creative expression? Can we simply judge the final product and forget about the authors’ intentions? Are the filmmakers producing this film because they sincerely want to tell the mother’s story and inform the world at large of the level of poverty that exists in this country? Or are they doing this for the shock value, the chance to dig an award and travel opportunities from the grit? The filmmakers carry expensive gadgets and talk about poverty  in an expensive coffee place. Does this invalidate their art?  Does the fact that they are well-off reduce the value of the story they are going to tell?  I still don’t know the answers to the questions. But I’m glad an indie film managed to step away and ask them, and make me laugh in the process.

  • New job. I’m enjoying myself, so far. (Stress on the “so far”, as, directly or indirectly, my immediate boss is wont to remind me haha.)

twenty months

It’s fun to count the months. Just four more and it’s the second anniversary. :)

It began to rain, so instead of going out, we just had Amici (gelato cakes!!!) delivered for dinner. We watched some episodes of Top Chef Canada while eating.

prosciutto e funghi (pizza), cannelloni agli spinaci (pasta)
spumoni surprise, mango sans rival

Jaykie had class on Saturday, so he went to UP, and I went to Trinoma to shop for gifts for my parents (my mother’s birthday is on the 25th, my father’s in July). This despite the fact that I woke up suddenly at 5 am, broke out in sweats, and felt as though I were falling. Vertigo once more, with feelings. I popped a Serc (24 mg.) and hoped this would pass soon and not come back to bother me again.

I wanted to buy a bag for myself, but couldn’t find anything that I liked, so I ended up buying costume jewelry.

TV necklace, pink rose ring, black rose ring

I know I have way too many rings, but I’m on the lookout for more plastic rings. And that TV necklace was just cute. (I’m wearing it today at work, and I broke one of the antennas. :( But it’s still cute. I’ll just cover the broken antenna nub with my hair.)

We had late lunch at Mango Tree Bistro. It’s our second time at this Thai restaurant. We love their food.

Photo source.
Thai iced tea

We had honey-glazed pork ribs, rice with vegetables, and of course –

pad thai goong!
Photo source.

Just writing about it is making me crave for it. So delicious.

We got home before the rain fell. And how it fell. I was amazed it didn’t flood the streets. Early dinner was a tuna sandwich. Jaykie made the tuna spread (mayo + celery + apples = delicious). Later, when we got hungry again, I poured us some cereal and cold milk.

We finished Damages Season 2 and watched Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, a TV movie that is basically an extended episode of Burn Notice with Sam Axe and a pinch of Michael Westen. It’s hilarious.

Jaykie’s little walk-in closet’s roof was leaking, so we left a plastic bucket there overnight. Look how much water we got.

"What are you doing?" "Taking a picture." "Why?" "I'll blog about it." "But they'll find out I have a leaky roof!" Haha.

This morning we woke up and Jaykie said he wished he could just stay under the sheets and read. I’d love that too, but alas, work.

* * *

Happy Father’s Day to my Tatay! :D I’m coming home next week with the gifts. I hope it doesn’t rain.

weekend pictures

Jaykie and I went to UP on Friday, and discovered the Bahay ng Alumni Christmas bazaar (after a scrumptious dinner of fish al forno and fries and Cherry Christmas cake at ROC).

I got costume jewelry, of course.

Jaykie also bought me a copy of McEwan’s Saturday. Thanks, love.

Saturday, I tagged along with Jaykie and friends to Cubao X for dinner at Bellini’s. Pasta, pizza, cake heaven. I loved the complimentary wine, sweet with a bit of fire. I also appreciated the fact that the proprietor shook our hands as we left. I told him I enjoyed their food. Then CBTL for tea/coffee. I didn’t take out my cameraphone, so I’m posting pictures by Jme here.

The boys were trying to figure out how to cut this small cake into nine slices. Naturally I zoned out. Ha!

(Don’t worry, the division was successful.)

Before that, we passed by Sputnik, and I got Carljoe’s and Adam’s books. Finally! (Unfortunately, I still don’t have Elmer.) I went to the Reading Room to buy Leyende, a moisturizer (thanks Lizzy for the tip!), for my awfully itchy dry skin, but they’re all out.

Cubao X has the coolest shops. Wish I could drop by more often.

weekend update

(I just started using Picnik, this cool online photo editing app that I first heard from Almi. It’s really cool. Expect better-looking photos here from now on, haha!)

Jaykie and I spent Friday mostly in UP. Jaykie played Magic with the HGC boys while I read a bit of Le Guin’s The Dispossessed. There were several Le Guin books in the book bargain bin inside Antas, but I chose this one because I’ve heard so much about it. Also, I just think it’s a shame I haven’t read Le Guin yet.

I wanted to go to Cubao X to visit Adam David’s indie book expo, or to the UP Bookstore to look through the titles offered for the annual sale, but those plans fell through due to time constraints.

I found it lovely that it got cool by four and dark by five p.m. Very Christmas-y. We went to the tiangge to buy gifts for people and jewelry and books for me! I got Alex Garland’s The Tesseract. Still pricey at P280, but it looks new. I also began reading it, and it’s quite amazing. The setting’s Manila, so I’m quite interested to finish it.

I also bought rings and bracelets. I wanted to buy all of the necklaces, but you know, self-control and all that.

We then had dinner at the Persian place and drove around UP to see the lights. No pictures, because my camera phone sucks and won’t do the sights justice anyway.

Saturday, while Jaykie’s in class, I went off to Megamall to meet with my former Pook Palaris housemates. With the exception of June, who is a batchmate, they were all two batches younger than me, but have all graduated and are now earning more than I’m making haha. They wanted to meet Jaykie; I’ll bring him next time, girls. Pizza Hut plus a bracelet from Rowcee plus Mocha Blends plus laughter. Ang sarap tumawa! I love them all.

Before the meet-up, I visited Forever 21 for the first time. THE COSTUME JEWELRY ARE OVERPRICED. There, I said it. In all-caps. The clothes overwhelmed me, so I ended up buying just a pair of shades, which for some reason reminded me of Betty from Mad Men, heh.

Hola, 60’s!

Maybe I’ll go back to F21. Buy a skirt or something.

* * *

Congrats to the Inquirer Read-Along team for a successful event! Twenty-five simultaneous read-alongs, from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi! Huzzah!

new necklaces!

This time from Almi, who makes and sells costume jewelry and re-sells necklaces she find from her trips.

This pendant is huge! I like big pendants, but this one really surprised me. Haha! I wonder how I can pull this off. Maybe I should just put it in my pocket and buy a monocle.

I like this one. Lovely.

Pretty things. <3 Thanks for the finds Almi!

new necklaces!

I really should stop buying but they’re so cute!

Met up with Detsy, a college friend and my new supplier, in UP. She said something about meeting up in the CAL New Building, by Magdangal, which made no sense to me at all. Have they renamed the CNB Magdangal Hall? (And who keeps track of hall names, when even freshmen call Palma Hall AS and calling the Main Lib Gonzales Hall is considered idiotic?) Apparently Magdangal is this statue in front of the building. Am I that old that I don’t even know about this statue?

Anyway. Bubble wrap!

Read Detsy’s Terms and Conditions here. She still has several vintage necklaces on sale, so go browse and shop!

(O ayan bakla ha, may plugging.) :D

beautiful things

I buy costume jewelry whenever I have the chance, and now I’ve accumulated a pile of them. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces. I love them all, but last night I finally decided to organize.

I started collecting simple earrings, studs and the like,

until I fell in love with dangling pairs

These aren’t jewelry, but Jaykie gave me a tin box for them:

The rest of my accessories are now here:

Et voila:

Yay me.

* * *

Every now and then I turn to Etsy. I don’t shop. I just look and sigh and wonder where I can get these stuff at cheaper prices. Ha. (Also, I don’t like paying first before getting my merchandise. I’d rather go COD or agree to meet-ups, or visit the stall myself.) (Also? Some of Etsy’s jewelry are overpriced. I saw a necklace that looked exactly like the one I bought at ToyCon for P150. On Etsy it was going for what? Eighteen dollars? Please.)

All of the following photos are from the site. Go visit.

Sigh. So pretty.