weekend pictures

Jaykie and I went to UP on Friday, and discovered the Bahay ng Alumni Christmas bazaar (after a scrumptious dinner of fish al forno and fries and Cherry Christmas cake at ROC).

I got costume jewelry, of course.

Jaykie also bought me a copy of McEwan’s Saturday. Thanks, love.

Saturday, I tagged along with Jaykie and friends to Cubao X for dinner at Bellini’s. Pasta, pizza, cake heaven. I loved the complimentary wine, sweet with a bit of fire. I also appreciated the fact that the proprietor shook our hands as we left. I told him I enjoyed their food. Then CBTL for tea/coffee. I didn’t take out my cameraphone, so I’m posting pictures by Jme here.

The boys were trying to figure out how to cut this small cake into nine slices. Naturally I zoned out. Ha!

(Don’t worry, the division was successful.)

Before that, we passed by Sputnik, and I got Carljoe’s and Adam’s books. Finally! (Unfortunately, I still don’t have Elmer.) I went to the Reading Room to buy Leyende, a moisturizer (thanks Lizzy for the tip!), for my awfully itchy dry skin, but they’re all out.

Cubao X has the coolest shops. Wish I could drop by more often.

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