happy 25th, inquirer! (picspam edition)

Loot bag + free ice cream + dinner + party + raffle prizes (didn’t win any) + comedy bar break + music + wine + beer + tequila shots + Jaykie = great party, Inquirer!

Photos by me, and by Almi, Ruthie, Schatzi. Thanks, girls!

Photobooth with Guyito!

Photo of a photo (notice award-winning photographer Edwin Bacasmas photobombing me):

The Inquirer Read-Along volunteers:

Speaking of the mascot, click here to watch him dance. :) (And here to watch Barbie Almalbis perform.)

Jaykie arrived just in time for comedy hour, haha!

Pretty Trizsa was high-larious!

Juan Pablo Dream takes the stage! Let’s dance!

As for the raffle, I was praying to win the digicam, but alas, it was not for me. I was also praying to win the Boracay trip, but Lawrence won that. Hmf.

We took pictures of ourselves while drinking tequila. Where are those pictures, and am I sure I want to see them?



2 thoughts on “happy 25th, inquirer! (picspam edition)”

  1. Where are those pictures, and am I sure I want to see them?

    –Mukha naman silang disente LOL. (OMG sa cam ni ate almi, there were photos I DO NOT REMEMBER POSING FOR. kakaloka)

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