the walking dead

I initially wasn’t interested in seeing this series, despite all the hype, and the fact that 1) it’s on AMC (like Mad Men!) 2) it’s based on a comic book and 3) it’s helmed by Frank Darabont.

I initially wasn’t interested in seeing this because IT’S ABOUT ZOMBIES. Blergh. The last zombie show I enjoyed was Zombieland, but that was more satire than anything else. 28 Days Later is a favorite: suspenseful and alive. Well, I also  enjoyed the mindless gorefests: George Romero films, Rec, the Resident Evil films, but I wasn’t too keen on watching more undead growling and shambling slowly, as they have done for years and years in this genre (until they began running in some of the more recent films). It just…it would feel kinda old.

I can’t take them seriously, these zombies, and the people that run after/away from them. Which is the point, really, zombie films mean to scare and entertain, not make you cry, or think about the characters hours after the ending. (Unless we’re talking about 28 Days Later – a favorite, I tell you.) Zombies – they’re cartoonish. Sometimes they make me jump, but in the end, I don’t really care about them. Just shoot them all in the head.

The Walking Dead made me care after six episodes. That’s something. Thanks for the surprise, Mr. Darabont. When’s Season Two coming out?

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