epic picspam

CPK + Chili’s

Suzuki Cup! Philippines versus Indonesia! We couldn’t finish the game at the office, so we went out to catch the latter half of the game, and to ingest food and alcohol.

Notice that Kate couldn’t take her eyes away from the game haha!

Jake, too.

So many near-goals argh.

Anyway, food:

We lost in the end (aw), 1-0.

Oh, well.

A table at Chili’s became available, so out we go.

Kate looking on as Jake does his mental arithmetic:

Chili’s for premium wasakan.

We brought the party to the elevator.

With photos from Almi.

Lantern Parade + Tomato Kick

Jaykie and I went to UP early to avoid heavy traffic. Played Hearts with the HGC boys, had lunch.

At 3 p.m., it rained. We thought the parade would be canceled, but at 4 the skies cleared, and at 4:30 the first floats were wheeled down the Acad Oval.

Jaykie’s waiting.

The crowd waiting at AS.

“Ayan naaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Jaykie was eyeing these toys, so I bought him one.

He loved it.

I also bought one for myself, plus some devil horns, haha.

More scenes from the Parade:

The boys in their album cover poses.

Evil Jaykeh.

Jaykie got interviewed! Don’t know what station, but even before the camera could approach us I was already running away, saying, “I work for a newspaper! I can’t be in the story!”

The campus was in such a festive mood that I didn’t mind the long walk from AS to Bahay ng Alumni, where Jaykie parked his car.

Off to Technohub, where we had Chinese, and where Beej received a call from Tope who said he’s in %&$gggftq Avenue. “Where?”  %&$gggftq Avenue. Either that’s static, or he’s an Elder God.

It was static. /disappointment. Charot.

The 17th was also our fourteenth monthsary. Happy 14th, Jaykie!

With photos from Jme.

Trinoma date + Jaykie’s CD collection

We went to Trinoma for some late Christmas shopping, and a date over pasta and fries.

I wore this new pair of stockings from Schatz. I love the pattern. I should get more of these stockings.

We bought our first conjugal property: a 500-gigabyte portable storage device. Please don’t die too early.

Later that night I raided Jaykie’s CD collection. I’m in love with the album covers (of local bands, especially).

All that drinking and partying did a number on my immune system (I’m coughing like there’s no tomorrow), but I’m still looking forward to my holiday vacation with my family next week.

2 thoughts on “epic picspam”

  1. congrats sa first conjugal property! hope it will last as long as your love for each other. meganun! bet ko yung pic nyo with balls and devil horns. winner din yung solo party pic ni jaykie, hehe. :)

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