garage sale for japan

Jaykie heard about it from Jme. Here’s the event announcement on Facebook. There’s going to be another round next Saturday (March 26), turns out, so if you have anything you want to donate to the sale, or if you have the time and money to buy some items, read up. :)

On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Japan, and many have lost their homes and livelihood because of the tsunamis and fires that it caused. Right now, numerous earthquakes and aftershocks are still happening, and people from various parts of the world have extended their hands to help.

We’re a group of fans from the Philippines and we’re planning on having a garage sale. If you have a…nything that you are willing to donate (CDs, DVDs, magazines, clothes, notebooks, etc…), please click that you are attending to this event.We will arrange a date and a place where you can drop off or send your donations to, and we will inform you as soon as we have decided on it.

All of the donations will be sold during the garage sale (date and place are still being discussed), and all the proceeds will go to Japan (to be donated to International/ Japan Red Cross). Small things make big changes. Let’s start with what we can do.

We’re hoping for your kind participation.

ありがとうございます! / Arigatou gozaimasu! / Thank you very much!


Luke Granada’s House – 6 Malinis St. UP Village
Jamie Lynn’s House – Veterans Village (can meet up at Trinoma or SM north just contact her 09279649624)
Meet-up at McDonald’s PRC (Adelle) – Makati (Note: After office hours – 6PM)
(more soon to be announced)

For those who are planning to sell their stuff. Kindly send me an email — —- so that I can properly account all the items.

Also, if you have any urgent questions please send us an sms at
0922-820125-0 or 0927-964-9624

~Arigatou Gozaimasu — Adelle (^3^)

Also, Jme’s Sketching for Japan. Read more here.

By now I’m sure you’re all aware of the devastation in Japan, and if you’re looking for a way to lend a helping hand I’m Sketching for Japan.

I’ll be taking $5 sketch commissions over the next few days (or weeks, as long as it takes). $4 out of every $5 paid will go to fund relief efforts in the Pacific. Your sketch will be done and sent via email within 24 hours of payment. I also have something BIG planned as an added “Thank You” to everyone who participates in this fundraiser.

Send me a Note with your sketch details and I’ll message you back, pronto. Or e-mail me at

If you’re not interested in a sketch, I would strongly urge you to give what you can on your own. Every little bit helps.

Thanks so much in advance, guys.

Hey, Jme! I want to join, but let me replenish my PayPal account first. (I think I only have 95 cents left, hehe.)

Anyway, Jaykie and I went to the sale at 6 Malinis St. UP Village yesterday.

I got these:

sweater (P250); bag (P30)

Jaykie got this:

"how to draw comic book heroes and villains" (P80)


In other, mediocre news: I got a haircut at this salon near the Q. Ave MRT station, and while my hair was being cut a team from GMA came in and spoke with the owner. Apparently Kay Susan Tayo was going to shoot a segment there (something about tsismis and kwentong barbero). Susan Enriquez and Cesar Apolinario were sitting behind me as they waited for the crew to figure out blocking, watching my hair get blow-dried. How tantalizing. There was a camera trained on my hair at one point; I suppose they would use it as a filler shot?

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