6 Luzon dams release water, worsen floods

Calumpit floods worst in 40 years

Floods swamp Bulacan as dams release water

I called my mother yesterday and she said the Hagonoy town market (including our store, and most of our goods for sale) is now underwater. Water inside the house now reaches her neck, and the water outside can completely submerge a person. My parents and my lola still have food and drinking water, but there’s still no electricity and running water’s scarce. They can’t leave the house. Prayers, please. :(

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  1. Hi dear.You’re from Bulacan pala (my husband is a native of the province, we live in Sta. Maria). My prayers go out to your family. The incessant storms messed up the province really bad.I sincerely hope your family would be okay. Hold on.

      1. Nope, hindi naman, medyo mataas yung lugar sa ‘min. But as usual, brownout, lumipad mga bubong, nabuwal mga puno. How’s your family by the way? Any updates?

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