podcast love

Brisk-walking last night. Almost ruined my knees. Ugh.

Listened to:

  • this amazing story by Felicity Shoulders called “Conditional Love“. Go download the MP3 or read the text. Did not see that ending coming. Totally crushed me.
  • Jessica Rules The Universe Podcast ep. 3, where Jessica Zafra talks to Mike of Walk and Eat. Listening to two friends talk about food while walking – the best. “I bet I know your URL more than you,” says Jessica, and Mike murmurs. Jessica laughs. “You don’t know what a URL is???”

Listened to this podcast before: Gwenn Galvez (Anvil Publishing) and Honey de Peralta (Flipside) talk about the Philippine Publishing industry on Quadro Kantos.

Continued reading Cloud Atlas. Fun and amazing so far.

here be a recording of my WIT talk

For those who were not able to attend Visprint Inc.’s WIT 2 event (I will get your excuse letters later – loljk), Flipside Publishing has generously uploaded a recording of my talk (a mix of English and Filipino). Follow @Flipsidepub on Twitter for updates.

Click here for the recording! Might contain nuts and awkwardness.

From Flipside:

For our second podcast (you can find the first one here), we recorded the talk and Q&A panel that Eliza Victoria gave during Visprint’s WIT 2012 event held last September 8, 2012. Eliza Victoria is the author of Lower Myths and The Viewless Dark, and the collection A Bottle of Storm Clouds (from Visprint). Introducing her work during the event is Karl De Mesa, author of Damaged People: Tales of the Gothic-Punk and News of the Shaman: Four Novellas of Horror.

|MP3| 21.5 MB

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We’ll have more recordings from Visprint’s WIT 2012 event in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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‘reunion’ recorded

I am happy to announce that Pakinggan Pilipinas will be featuring my story “Reunion” as its eleventh podcast on May 1st. Click here for the teaser. :)

You may download previous podcasts for free here. (My favorite is Episode 2, “Ghost Between Moments” by Kate Aton-Osias, read by Elyss Punsalan.)

According to podcast goddess and fiction writer Elyss:

Pakinggan Pilipinas is a website that features Filipino short stories in audio/podcast form. The aim of the site is to promote homegrown fiction in a fresh new way to new audiences -primarily fellow Pinoys who are not into reading Filipino fiction. The site comes out with a podcasted story every month, read by a narrator who is not the story’s author. The intention is to encourage readers to be creative and more involved with the author’s work.

All rights to the stories are owned by authors themselves, and are produced here in audio form with the authors’ expressed permission. The audio files are property of Pakinggan Pilipinas. These may be shared freely, but cannot be sold or altered in part or in whole, without permission.

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