here be a recording of my WIT talk

For those who were not able to attend Visprint Inc.’s WIT 2 event (I will get your excuse letters later – loljk), Flipside Publishing has generously uploaded a recording of my talk (a mix of English and Filipino). Follow @Flipsidepub on Twitter for updates.

Click here for the recording! Might contain nuts and awkwardness.

From Flipside:

For our second podcast (you can find the first one here), we recorded the talk and Q&A panel that Eliza Victoria gave during Visprint’s WIT 2012 event held last September 8, 2012. Eliza Victoria is the author of Lower Myths and The Viewless Dark, and the collection A Bottle of Storm Clouds (from Visprint). Introducing her work during the event is Karl De Mesa, author of Damaged People: Tales of the Gothic-Punk and News of the Shaman: Four Novellas of Horror.

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We’ll have more recordings from Visprint’s WIT 2012 event in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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visprint readers’ event tomorrow! and some story links

Tomorrow, I will be giving a short talk about A Bottle of Storm Clouds and storytelling (that all sounds really scholarly-fancy but I’m sure I’m going to be a blathering mess onstage), and Elyss Punsalan of Pakinggan Pilipinas will be reading one of my stories. Should be a treat! Just listen to her beautiful narration of Kate Osias‘s “Ghost Between Moments“.

Karl R. De Mesa will be introducing me (he asked a bunch of crazy questions – I have no idea what he’s going to do with my answers haha), and a brief Q & A will follow the talk.
Visprint books will also be available for sale at the venue, at discounted prices (10 to 20 percent off).
See you all!
If you are still on the fence about buying the collection, I hope these sample stories will help you decide.
Publisher: VISPRINT

Format: Print paperback

Now available:

Fully Booked | Bibliarch| Pandayan Bookshop | National Book Store |Powerbooks | and provincial outlets


(First appeared in Demons of the New Year)


(First appeared in Expanded Horizons)


(First appeared in Philippine Speculative Fiction IV, reprinted by EH)


(First appeared in Expanded Horizons)

Protip: The book may not be on display in some branches. Ask Customer Service or whoever’s at the counter if they are carrying copies. Thank you! And thanks to all who have already bought copies. My endless gratitude. Hope you enjoy the stories.