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1. hair


The last time I had my hair treated was for the Univ grad. I’ve been trying to shrink away from “unnecessary” expenses, but to quote Erika: “Love yourself.” So there.

I’ve always had problems with my hair. To quote Glads, or probably that old milk commercial: “It’s the genes.”

2. thumbtacks


What? There’s an empty, sad corkboard in my room and I found some cute thumbtacks in a bookstore and I was bored one morning and the thumbtacks look like candy I love it.


3. kittens


We had a cat before who ran away. Apparently she now thinks our house is a feline orphanage.

Not complaining. :)



4. TV obsession

Do you guys watch this show? I’ve finished the first season and I loved it. If you liked Dogma (actually the series is produced by Kevin Smith; he also directed the pilot) you’ll enjoy this one.

It concerns Sam who found out on his 21st birthday that his parents had a deal with the Devil: he’ll heal Sam’s dad, and they’ll give him Sam the day he turns 21. Now Sam is under the Devil’s employ as bounty hunter.

They say Season 2 will start March – hope I’ll be able to watch it.

the devil (ray wise) and sam (bret harrison)
the devil (ray wise) and sam (bret harrison)

[on why he hates Halloween]

Devil (to Sam): It’s the commercialization of evil!


[on Hell]

Devil (to Sam): You know who works for me at the Central Office? White-collar criminals. It’s horrible. They hate me, they hate their jobs. I can’t even ask for a cup of coffee.


[Sam finds out that their gay couple neighbor are demons. The gay demon couple doesn’t know that he knows. Sam avoids them. The couple confronts him.]

Demon1: It’s because we’re gay, isn’t it.

Sam: What? No. No. [struggles] You’re demons.

Demon1: [seethes] Oh. Oh. Well, the homophobia I’ll be able to understand, but “fallen angels cursed to walk the earth for all of eternity” – that you can’t accept? That’s racist, Sam. I mean, you’re a Reaper.

Sam: How –

Demon1: Gladdys [another demon] plays racquetball with me, she told me.

Sam: Have you guys…ever eaten anyone?


Demon2: That’s offensive.

Demon1: You don’t have to listen to this.

Demon2: That’s offensive.


Ah, wit. Bless them. :)

(Transcripts from memory. Reaper photo from Star-eCentral )