2013 filipino readercon + game on! + dr. who philippines party

Okay, let’s do this in chronological order because I am so behind in my blogging duties. Sorry about that! (To the three of you who care!)

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birthday weekend

I turned 27 and this blog turned five. A double birthday!


Before we headed to Bulacan, I had a drink with J’s friends from college Halloween night. It was fun. I got to try this!

This is Phil, our happy host. Thanks for the company, guys!

(I could just imagine my father saying, “You went out drinking with men???” It’s okay, Father, we just tried the Vomit-flavored beans. Want some Earwax?)

(If you’re a father and your teenage daughter is a nerd – you’ll be fine. Don’t worry. She’ll have a blast just sitting with guys and playing YAWHG.)

I showed my age by requesting my siblings to PLEASE NOT BUY ME A CAKE. Weird, right? I must be getting old.

Instead I asked them to buy a cheeseburger from Jollibee.

Birthday cakes are boring, and Jollibee is always awesome. (PSA: The Thor thumb drive is 1 Gig. “Ang liit naman,” my brother said. Remember when the largest thumb drive capacity was 512 MB? SEE I JUST DATED MYSELF AGAIN.)

It was a boring staycation weekend – just the way I like it. I ate, I read, I watched some movies, I chatted with my family, I had J. We got back Sunday night and had a nice dinner at the mall.

My birthday leave was on Monday, and I spent it inside the apartment, watching the first season of The Middle and tidying up.

I got the chair/container bin combo from my sister, the books from Phil, and the fake-looking action figures from cereal boxes.

Washi’d some jars.



Grateful for another year.

I love my late 20s. You can act like a child (Exhibit A: a group of grown men laughing over someone eating an Earthworm-flavored bean) and drink brandy without being carded. And you can finally not care. Remember high school, where you were expected to care about everything? How the hell did I get through that? And college (particularly freshman college, which is really just high school), where you were judged based on the films you like, the music you love, and the books you read. Yes, I owned Backstreet Boys cassette tapes – a fact I wouldn’t have divulged to college classmates, who expected you to be high and lofty, listening to Edith Piaf and reading One Hundred Years of Solitude.  (Particularly guilty of this are some Creative Writing majors.) (I also like Edith Piaf and One Hundred Years of Solitude.  And I’m not telling you that so you’ll think I’m cultured – I’m telling you what I like, and that’s that.)

It’s great, to not care. People who are stuck in high school (who equate Facebook ‘likes’ to self-worth, who act like they’re the Big Deal so they can be treated like the Big Deal) are a tragic, pathetic bunch.

Kids – it will get better. Just love what you love and stop pretending otherwise. And read books. Goddamn it. Read something. It will make your lives richer.

This is a very tita post haha.

Please don’t suck, Earth Year 27.

back + copies of ‘unseen moon’ now here

And I’m back from my nine-day Hanoi-Bangkok-Siem Reap trip with friends! Will post a day-by-day detailed account – with itinerary and costing for interested travelers – after I catch up with my work emails.

UPDATE: Start reading. :)

Hanoi, Vietnam – Day 1 2 3

Bangkok, Thailand – Day 1 2 3

Siem Reap, CambodiaDay 1 2

Anyway, some photos from my phone:

preview 1

My high school classmates – and constant travelmates – relaxing outside a small restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam.

preview 2

A touristy photo inside Madame Tussaud’s Bangkok.

preview 3

Visiting the temples.

Also, the paperback copies of Unseen Moon are here! Will be shipping these out soon. Visit the Goodreads page or this page for reviews and details about the collection. Thanks to those who have ordered! I hope it’s worth the wait.

unseen moon print

unseen moon

Will work on the next posts/do my laundry/sign the book copies now. *flails and runs*

double housewarming

We finally had time to have some friends over. We served cupcakes!

Here’s the Gentleman’s Social c/o J and friends.


This shot! So candid!

Then I had the girls over the next day.


Vanilla Buttercream and the lone Red Velvet with yogurt icing. This is from Sweets N Things along JP Rizal – text (0922) 845 5197 to order!



Isa (seated) is a Non-Fiction Fellow for this year’s Silliman workshop! Congrats!

Rooftop madness.




(Photos taken via Canon are from Kate and Andrea.)

Home sweet home.

mini-housewarming + faburrito + potted potter + i might need to sell a kidney to get to thailand

What a weekend! First weekend we spent in the new place where we didn’t have to clean.  (Only because we had to clean on a weekday.)

Friday to early-morning Saturday, met up with my high school girlfriends to have dinner at Greenbelt 5’s Mesa. Really good food, so good we neglected to take pictures. I highly recommend the Crispy Boneless Tilapia with four sauces, and the Crispy Leche Flan. Don’t you already feel the oil boiling in your veins just by reading that?

Continuing the neglect to take photos, I invited them over to see the new place, and got suckered into a summer trip to Vietnam and Thailand. This will require an enormous amount of not spending. So help me.

A lotion straight from Fiji! Thanks Ghia! She had to wash dishes to get me this. Kidding! Or not.

Potted Potter

Saturday, I dragged J to have lunch at Faburrito at The Columns. Now I was able to take pictures.

Potted Potter

Potted Potter

Potted Potter

They serve affordable and guilt-free food. We got burrito with steak (for J.) and chicken (for me), corn soup, and mint tea. I found the mint in the mint tea overpowering, but loved the flavor of everything else.

Potted Potter

Potted Potter

We missed the first run of Potted Potter and were grateful that they came back.

Potted Potter

Potted Potter

Potted Potter in Manila, a parody that squeezes all seven books into 70 minutes, was performed by Jesse Briton and Gary Trainor. (It was originally a five-minute street show created by Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner in 2005  to entertain the fans lining up for the the 6th book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.) And it was hilarious! Loved the Quidditch Match. It brightened up our Saturday. :)

The venue was small, so the view from our Balcony seats weren’t so bad.


Potted Potter

On Sunday, I just stayed home (J went off to a game at his friends’) and watched Gattaca. So good even Andrew Niccol can’t top himself. It’s ideas and emotional impact does not compare to his own S1mone and In Time. I was personally drawn to Jude Law’s character. The need for perfection has its own pressures.


Also: now reading Never Let Me Go. Sci-fi overload, and I love it.

the wedding-monthsary: almi + kim

Almi and Kim got married on Nov. 14 in Talisay, Batangas. There were debacles along the way (loud construction outside the church, tardy priest, strange homily, sudden heavy rain during the reception) but it was perfect. Love is a beautiful thing. Just ask the newlyweds, who remained in good spirits even as rainwater drenched one of the tables. For better or for worse, indeed.


View in Club Balai Isabel from the bride’s quarters.

The rooms are nice! I’d like to return here. Not necessarily to get married haha.

This is everyone! Photo from Kate.

Photo from Andrea.

PS The very creative Almi made most of the – collaterals? I don’t know what word to use – for her wedding day. Witness this madness the creativity here, starting with Day 100.